Top Tips To Help Keep Your Sewing Machine In Top Condition

Sewing machines are a great investment for many people. At Nimble Thimbles, we have a range of models on offer. Once you have your device, it’s important to keep it in great condition so it lasts for a long time. Here are our top tips for keeping the unit in good condition:

Dust Your Sewing Machine

Frequent use of the device can result in various dust and lint particles entering the machine. If dust and bits of thread build up too much, it can cause issues inside. For longer lasting sewing machines, ensure you dust regularly. For hard-to-reach areas, you can use a certain type of brush to dust, or you could even use compressed air to blow bits away. Try not to blow on the parts yourself though, as the moisture in your breath could cause rusting.

To reduce the build-up, opting for higher quality thread is also recommended. This will help to reduce clean-up efforts too.

Use A Cover

To keep sewing machines in great condition, you should keep them under a cover. This can be annoying if you use it frequently, but it will result in a longer lasting unit. A cover will help prevent dust and moisture from getting into exposed parts. Moisture getting into the machine could result in rusting of the parts, but this can be easily avoided with the right provisions. What’s more, you could even make a cover yourself!

It’s also good to avoid keeping the device in a place that has extreme temperature changes. If it is somewhere that is too hot or cold, it could make the unit more susceptible to rust. The loft, for example, can have quite fluctuating temperatures that may cause condensation. Make sure you keep sewing machines in a safe place.

Changing The Needle

As a needle gets blunter, it can cause various issues with the actual fabric, this will cause some problems for the machine eventually too. For a smoother operation, and less chance of harming your device, ensure you regularly change the needle once it has run its course.

Maintenance & Servicing

Just like you would take your car for a service, sewing machines can benefit from regular internal checks. If you use your model frequently, we would recommend annual servicing to keep all the parts in check and ensure it is thoroughly cleaned. If maintenance is kept up, you can keep enjoying your unit for a longer time.

Get In Touch With Us Now For Quality Sewing Machines

At Nimble Thimbles, we have a great selection of models to choose from. To keep these in great shape, we recommend following the steps we have looked at. For more information, contact our friendly team today.

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